Taking things to the next level!

Our vision is to become the worlds premier youth sports organization renown for our phenomenal training programs, performance results and likewise actively relied on as a recruiting resource for college sports.  We envision becoming a fruitful pasterage ground for college recruiters to evaluate our athletes and see their talents up close by inviting them to our competitions and eventually hosting invitationals and combines that exclusively feature our athletes.  That's why we are forming partnerships and strong bonds with colleges throughout Arizona and the U.S. 

Additionally we maintain a catalog of performance results and statistics for our athletes which tracks their progress and can be assembled as an athletic portfolio.  Eventually we anticipate posting videos of competitions and highlight films of games to our website to promote and give exposure to our athletes in pursuit of athletic scholarships for easy viewing by scouts. 

Every year we hope to continue to excel and reach new heights of achievement by qualifying for larger competitions and tournaments on bigger stages and eventually create a pipeline of home grown athletes, products of our own development, that we steadily launch into college and professional sports or even the Olympics!

One day we hope to offer a 5-day-a-week after school program for both academics and athletics that busses children to our facilities located in local communities similar to the "Boys and Girls" club, however with a more measurable purpose that can be quantified. 

Give us a boost of momentum by joining our club and helping your kids reach for the STARS!