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This is a multi-sport co-ed sports club that embraces the concept that the key to developing superior athletic performance comes not from exclusively focusing on one sport all year around but rather enhancing athletic ability through multi-sport participation achieved through migrating athletes from one sport to another throughout the year. This allows our athletes to develop complementary skills, movements and competitive experiences in a variety of situations which improves their overall agility and ability to compete and face adversity under vastly different circumstances.  Likewise, this approach mitigates injuries from overuse of specific body parts and burnout of specific energy systems.  Additionally, it keeps our athletes from becoming complacent and stalling at a lower plateau of achievement.  Instead each athlete will continually be stimulated as the next sport approaches.

We are excited about the opportunity to train and develop youth athletes on their journey toward reaching their full athletic potential. We welcome and encourage parent participation and consider it a crucial part of achieving optimal results. 

Please visit our entire website for further information. Also we can be reached via email at info@worldclasssportsclub.com